So, being a teenager is hard. I think everyone on here is experiencing or has experienced the fake friends, the bullying, and the other unfortunate things that any teenage girl has to deal with through out high school at one point or another.

I, however, am really lucky. Not that I haven’t been teased, or put on the spot, but the nicer half of my graduating class (yes, all 25 of them) threw me a surprise baby shower. It was incredible to see so many people, some close friends, some I hadn’t talked to in months, all come together to support my boyfriend and I, and to celebrate my pregnancy and our little boy.

The older generation of my town, on the other hand, isn’t so nice. The dirty looks, like I’m a terrible person; criticizing my every move as if they could do a better job. I am a “straight-A” student, always thriving in school and attending classes. Why am I suddenly a bad person for making one slip-up? Yeah, it’s going to be life changing. But when they ask, “are you dropping out of school?” or “how will you provide for it?”, you can’t help but feel underestimated and unappreciated. Another one of my favorites is “when are you getting married?”. The pressure to meet everyone else’s standard is ridiculous.

I am almost eight months pregnant, and happy to say that my baby boy is thriving in my womb. He has been growing steadily, and already has every ounce of love that I am capable of giving him. I just want to say, that I’m so proud to be able to call myself a “mom” or sorts. And that I’m proud of everyone of you that decide to keep your babies as well. Motherhood isn’t a time to grieve. It’s a time to learn and experience the miracle of life that only you can provide to that baby.

Best of luck to all of you other teenage mom’s 🙂