It was 7/22. My boyfriend came over for a visit and we had sex, the condom broke and now I’m 16 and about 2 weeks pregnant. My Boyfriend is supportive of my decision but wants me to get an abortion. See if his parents find out they’ll cut off all communication with me or send him to africa until he’s 18. We’re both so scared. This is my second time being pregnant, the first time ihad an abortion and i COULD NEVER EVER! do that again i felt horrible tried to commit suicide, i just couldnt take it. I dont want to do this without him. I havent told my parents yet. Im afraid of how they’ll react, what they’ll do, they made me get an abortion last time and i just cant do that again, this child deserves a chance at life abortion and adoption just arent options for me. Im not sure if i should just tell them and have my boyfriend sent away and have them make me get an abortion again or wait until they notice and its too late for them to make me get an abortion, the only problem is that I’m diabetic and being pregnant without medical help is a bit dangerous I’m not sure what to do, PLEASE HELP!