2nd baby on the way

When I was 14 I my boyfriend and I decided we should start a family (he was 17), well.. What were we thinking!? Anyways, about 3 months after trying to conceive, I got pregnant! But I was definitely in denial! I missed my period each month and just made myself think nothing of it, then the baby started to move and kick and it started to feel real.

I told the father and he was scared and didn’t know what to do. Yes we were trying for a baby, but man when it happened we had no clue what to do! I came on this site a lot and talked to the team at StandUpGirl.com, Teka in particular. I emailed back and forth with her and she helped me through a lot. This site is amazing and I couldn’t thank them for everything they do!

Time went on and I still didn’t have any prenatal care (no vitamins, doctor, etc..) I hid my pregnancy for 7 months! One night I couldn’t take is anymore and I went out crying to my mom and made her guess why I was crying. She guessed on about the 4th guess. She was very upset and disappointed, and very shocked when I told her how far along I was. She sat down the next few weeks with my boyfriend (the father – Jake) and I, and talked to us about our options and we all agreed that it just wasn’t right to get an abortion this late in pregnancy (obviously I wanted to keep my baby as well!). She made a doctor appointment the next day and from there we got an ultrasound. My first/only ultrasound was when I was 28 weeks and found out we were having a little boy!

Everything went well with my pregnancy until about the 38th week when my OB noticed my blood pressure was very high, he told me to go home and not to go back to school. He had me go in the next day and also told me if it didn’t go down I would be induced and be having my son! Well, sure enough we went in the next day and my blood pressure was even higher! I was sent straight to the hospital and was induced! I only had a 4 hour labour and met my handsome son, Dallas James, at 4:15pm on November 9th, 2011. He was 7lbs 10oz and 19.3 inches long (:

Well! Now I am 17, Jake will be 21 in March and Dallas is just over 2 years old and we are expecting baby #2! Yes, I am still in school and will be graduating in June! This pregnancy was planned as well and my mother knew and is very supportive. I am due in July and will find out the gender later in February! Then, I go into college this September as well! My mom offered for all of us to move in at her house so we took the offer, it will make everything so much easier when the baby comes. I love my growing family so much and couldn’t ask for anything more. I have been with Jake for over 3 years and everything is going great with the pregnancy so far as we can tell.

It doesn’t matter what obstacle hits you in life, all you need is determination and you can get through anything!