I never really thought my life would turn out the way that is has. I never planned on being a single mom (like anyone plans these things, lol).  In some ways I’m looking forward to being a mom, but in other ways I’m completely dreading it. I know Jackson is a blessing and I love him already, but I know how hard it’s going to be to do this on my own. I thought his father would be around, and we were getting along pretty well for awhile, but a couple of weeks ago I found out from his mom that he moved out of town. He never even told me, he just took off. I’m not even sure if he’s coming back. It hurts knowing he doesn’t care, but I’ve gotta be strong. I wish that I could move on, but right now it’s impossible. The worse part of it is that I still love him. Even after all the stupid sh*t he’s put me through. I guess I always will though. How can you not love the father of your child? I don’t know, maybe someday I’ll figure it out.