Hello ladies….

  This is the second pregnancy that i am entering.. I would like to start off and say that its scary being a teen mom because you dont think that you will be able to take care of your baby but your wrong there is always help that you can get! My first pregnancy i was 17 almost 18 and i made a mistake i just broke up with my boyfriend of two years and went to a party and well what do you know two weeks later i found out i was pregnant. I thought about keeping the baby so hard and i knew i could do it but the father was a complete jerk! He made my life a living hell.. So i went to the abortion clinic and got an abortion i felt so alone and soo horrible like i was a murder, i was too stupid and immature to understand. Now at 19- almost 20 i a pregnant with my little boy desmond, and i am super excited again it was not planned but me and my bf are super excited to raise our little boy….. Even though we dont live together we know that we can give this baby all the love and nuture he needs…. Dont let anyone make your desision look inside yourself and you will find the answers …. Your parents and or boyfriend will come around they just need time to think about what you told them.



xoxoxox marie