Hey I’m Mariaih and i’m 17 and pregnant. I don’t really have a huge story right now ha ha because my baby isn’t here yet but i’m pretty much always at home resting and takingĀ care of myself for my baby because my boyfriend and my family want me too.

My boyfriend is always working or at school and all of my friend’s don’t approve of my pregnancy so i’m most of the time alone. i try and tell my boyfriend and sometimes we fight about it because he wishes he could be here more but his family won’t let him all the time and he always at least tries and talks to me when he’s not with me to see how i’m feeling and everything.

Were all trying to just figure out how to handle the situation and for right now no matter how bad i don’t like it i’m trying to at least put up with itĀ  ( and i mean not seeing him all the time lol) but i am really excited and happy for my baby. I don’t know, I was nervous at the beginning and now I just get happy thinking about how cute my baby is gonna be and how I’m really excited to meet him or her.