Pregnant and my life is full of DRAMA!!
I started dating my boyfriend at the end of 2006. I knew he had an ex girlfriend that would not leave him alone. She was obsses with him and call or text him all day long. I would scan his phone and notice that he never answered her phone call or replied to her text […]

I started dating my boyfriend at the end of 2006. I knew he had an ex girlfriend that would not leave him alone. She was obsses with him and call or text him all day long. I would scan his phone and notice that he never answered her phone call or replied to her text messages. In the begining of February my brother tell me that he heard my boyfriend had a high school girlfriend. I'm in college, I didn't think too much about it b/c his ex is in high school and I just thought she was trying to start something. I ask him about it and he tell me that his ex is a complete lyer. By the following month his phone start peeping all the time. Now he's getting like 50 text messages a day from a different chick, Audra. I ask him about it and he says  she's a girl that went to high school with us. She's just a good friend.  I was naive and just believed him. But curiosity got the best of my one day and I start reading these text messages. It breaks my heart to find out he's cheating on me with Audra and his ex, Liz. I pack up anything I have at his house and take it back to my dormroom. I was so furious I can't even bare to look at him. Spring Break started that day, I thought I could use the break to think about how I was going to destroy him. I'm hanging out with my best friend Melanie and she's talking about how she just started her period a day ago and was glad. I look at my calendar and notice I should have started mine a week ago. We look at each other and instantly know were going to Wal-Mart. We grab our purses and keys and walk out the door. Go to Wal-Mart debate on which pregnancy test to buy. Head back to her apt, go straight to the bathroom. Three minutes later the piss test claims I'm pregnant. She tell me I need to go see my doctor on Monday. Being Spring Break my doctor had no appt for the week. So she was free to see me. Sure enough I was pregnant! Great I just found out my boyfriend was cheating and now I've also found out I'm pregnant!! I'm more mad but I believe firmly that if you think your responsible enough to have sex then your responsible enough for the consequences. I personally don't want to tell my boyfriend. I was ready to move on and leave his sorry butt. Melanie insist that it's his right to know and that if after we talk I still want to leave him, that my right. Melanie drags me to go visit my boyfriend. When I tell him I'm pregnant I leave out the fact that I know he's cheating. He looks stunned! I told him I would give him some time to think about what he wants to do. I return the next day, were sitting on the couch in his parent living room. He tell me he want to take care of me and the baby. The look in his eyes, he was excited, happy and being honest. So I thought he would be faithful now that I was pregnant and he wanted to start a family with me. Boy was I ever wrong not only did he NOT stop seeing Liz and Audra but he started talking to Sachia, a chick he worked with. The worst part about all of this is that all three of these chicks know me, they know I'm pregnant, and they know I'm his girlfriend but they don't care and still go on to help him cheat. After it's confirmed that he's cheating on me with Sachia I avoid him. I'm four months pregnant at this point. Ofcourse I go see my doctor to get tested to make sure I don't have any STD's. He come's looking for me two days later. Asked me what was wrong. I yell at him and tell him I know about Liz, Audra and Sachia. By the end of our 2 hour long conversation, he has convinced me that he will stop b/c he loves me and want to have a family with me. Boy I'm a sucker! Then the semester finishes and his ex graduates high school. Well, his mom is in love with his ex, Liz. So much that she invites her to live with them since she currently lived with foster parent that did not care for her. So for the summer I live with my boyfriend at his parent house with his ex. Talk about the worse possible 3 month of my life. His mother hates, his ex pretend I don't exist and his dad loves me. I hate being there and can't wait to go back to college. One day Audra show up to visit. I walk into the house and my boyfrien, his ex and Audra are all in the livingroom talking. I tell him were going to a movie. We go to the kitchen and he tell me he just can't leave when he was company. I tell him to send her home or just leave her hear with his mom. He tried to come up with someother excuss. I tell him that when I leave if he does not come with me I will not be returning. I go change my cloth and ready to leave 2 mins later. He comes with me. Funny part is that Audra is furious that he left with me. She was wanting to spend time with him. She tell him she never want to see or hear from him again. One down, two to go. I go see Sachia at work, I tell her I know she had sex with my boyfriend and that if she ever so much as looks at him again I would tell her boyfriend that she had cheated. She looks worried and scared. But she's stupid, she sends my boyfriend a text later that night, which he never received since I errased it. But the next day I went to have a talk with her boyfriend. He dumped her and she moped around for a couple of weeks. She eventually quit b/c she couldn't stand to look at her ex boyfriend with the new cashier. Now the only one I can't get rid of is his ex, b/c of his mom. His mom is hoping he will see the light and leave me. Things were a lot better after that bit of drama. Everything was fine for the next 2 months. Then his friends start calling me telling me that his ex is pregnant and that he's the dad. I was shocked and couldn't believe it. I talk to him about it, he confirms it and tell me he's asked her to get an abortion b/c it was a mistake. Apperantly, that weekend back in May when I was avoiding him b/c I found out about Sachia, Liz went into his room knowing I would show up. She was on birth control so he didn't use a condom. I was so upset I didn't talk to him for weeks. He would call and text but I just ignored him. One night he send me a text, telling how sorry he was that he ruined my life, that he was just a moron who got me pregnant and now had nothing to live for. I asked him if his daughters life was worth him living for. He said it was probably the only thing worth living for. I left him and he did need me. He could have easily just gone back to his ex, he even had her there in the same house. But he didn't want her, he wanted me. If he wanted me so much why put me through so much torture. I agreed to go to Stillwater with him that way we could talk. It's an hour drive. We talk all the way there, he tell me he want me to live with him. He has his own house in Stillwater. He promises he will take care of me and our baby. I asked what he planned to do about Liz and her baby. He said he would be there for his kid but had no intension on ever going back to her. Once were on campus, we go our seperate ways to enroll for the new semester. Some how I ended up with his phone. I notice b/c it vibrates in my pocket. I pull it out, it's a text from Liz. I go through all his text messages. All from her wanting him back. Telling him that they can have a family together. She basically begging for him to return to her. She tell him that he's the love of her life and that she would put up with this from anyone else. In his replies he turn her down over and over again. She's still trying to get some or any attention from him. Couple weeks ago she tell him, she's considering putting the baby up for adoption. She only does this to mess with him. Well, he does not reply or even talk to her for two weeks. She send him another message stating she's going to keep the baby, she'll figure out how to handle it. She makes it seem like she's on her own when she's not! She had a free ticket to stay with his mom for a very long time. She doesn't have to worry about paying bill or work or school or the baby. She'll have his mom to help her the entire time. She has his mom support mentally, physically and emotionally. But all of that is not good enough for her she wants him. Today she sent him a message telling him, she wishes he would be more involved but that she will figure out how to manage without him. She just want to stress him out. I hate her for that. I could hate her for so much more but I only hate it that she tries to stress him out. He has enough on his plate right now. So, maybe I should write a book with all the juicy details about my life while pregnant?

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