Hi im Tyla and im 15 
i just found out im pregnant im about 3-6 weeks. And my mum wants me too keep the baby but my boyfriend babies father said he wasn’t ready for a baby just yet i dont know what to do?? i told my family that babies daddy dosen’t want it and im thnking about gettin an abortion and they told me hes just a silly boy and its totaly up to me what i do?…… but hes always been there for me not matter what hes my bestfriend and i dont know what to do without him or  who to choose?…… welll i recently lost my son Jeremiah he had heart defects he was only 3months old and he was the best thing that ever happend to me the guy im with now hes not jeremiahs dad he was Jeremiahs Godson jeremiahs dad is 21. and it makes me sick to my stomach just thinkin about loosing another baby i dont think i can cope with it all!! what should i do????????