Girls, this situation is driving me crazy! So I have to talk before I explode. I have a beautiful 10 month old daughter. I have to admit it hasn’t been easy. I suffer from depression and take pills for that. Besides that I live with my mother, we argue every other day cause sometimes i can’t take care of my baby like it has to be. I loose my calm. I am not with my baby’s father, he doesn’t even asks for her, so ignorant….so I’m alone with her and my mom. So like 10 years ago I met this guy, Ive been in love or something like that with him all this time. All of the sudden he appears again in my life, so I started having sex with him without protection. One month later I was pregnant again…He said he wasn’t ready for that and for me really, it was so difficult. I’m without a job and my mom will kill me. I was confused, but my baby was still a baby, only 10 months old. So we decided to not continue with my pregnancy. that was a horrible decision for me to make and right know I still feel so bad about it. So, he is like my baby’s father, older but irresponsible. He likes to smoke pot and lives with his grandparents.

3 weeks after that we had sex again with protection. One month has passed and i have no signs of my period. I’m not going out anymore with my so called platonic love, but I told him my period hasn’t come AGAIN. I think I’m pregnant AGAIN! And this time if God is sending me this I’ll have to deal with it, with him or without him…What worries me the most is my mom…I’m so worried!