My name is Ekaterina and i am 19 and for the last 2/3weeks myself and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby.. 
Last week i had to go to the doctor because i was getting very bad pains around my stomach, lower back and side and my breasts are very sore and 1 is larger than the other and the doctor said it was normal but i am still not sure because nothing like that ever happened before and now am waiting on blood tests to come back.
The pain is gone now but my breasts are still the same and get sharp pains every so often and now am also getting cramps like i was getting my period but no sign of my period.. 
I do not feel myself am very tired, eating more, tender/heavy breasts, frequent headaches and some pain..
I am very confused and to be honest a little scared i have no idea what is going on with my body..
Somebody please help..