pregnant teens dads plea

ive recently wrote my personal statement for university. im applying to midwifery which has made me think about pregnancy a lot lately. ive researched on the internet and in the library at school and the more i read the more it scares me, the pregnancy rate in teenagers around my area is at an all time high, i dont disagree with it at all! but i cant see what nothing is being done to teach youngsters about the effects a child has on your life. when im sitting at the table for lunch with my friends there are girls sitting opposite us talking about how they are going to be parents and proudly showing of their scan pictures… they are 13!

Then i see articles in which older mothers are looked down on. if you are over the age of 35 it seems ‘wrong’.. but why? the genetic defects and conditions that can occur are a higher risk in the older woman due to the maturaty in the body but i dont see whay is is looked upon as ‘wrong’.
it seems like the only time it is ‘right’ is whan you are in your 20’s but some people are just finishing their further education, they are just starting out in their careers. they have no time to stop and reproduce. but its right in the publics eye.

personally i think that pregnancy is a beautiful thing and is a blessing to anyone who experiences it whatever the age. it is easier whan you are a bit older i suppose as you have financial security but it is not always the way everyone wants to see it happen.  i think people should have children when they feel the time is right, no matter the age

what is YOUR view on this. have you experienced the backlash of the public who are set in the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways of the government?

i am interested in finding out what people think on ths .. thanks 🙂 <3