Im 21 years old and am the mother of 2 angels. I was forced out of one pregnancy by abortion and another by miscarriage. I talk to my mom about it because she has gone through the same thing. But she also said that she never got over what she did until she had another baby. This makes me worried that I'll never be able to get over the guilt and frustration of loosing two angels.  And now, what's worse, is that I want to get pregnant again! I have talked it over with my boyfriend but he's far from being ready. I can't take not being pregnant anymore. I want to be. But I don't want to break my boyfriend's heart or even worse – loose him. I know I should wait, but my wanting and my dreams that continuously happen every night to be pregnant grow more powerful and stronger. I just don't want the disappointment of my parents, family or even him. I want to be truthful, but how can I be this truthful with him about it without loosing him? Im stuck….