Honestly, im bored of bieng pregnant now. Im only just half way through it. Should have another 17 weeks left. Its so long. 

I find it so hard to sleep now, cant get comfy during the night. I wake up so early. Im restless all through the day. Ive had multiple water/kidney infections during this pregnancy. Im always too tired/in pain to go out and socialise with my friends. I only see them if they agree to come to my house or when i go to school.

I suppose the only thing still working is me and Lee, we dont even argue anymore. He treats me like the only person on the earth, like a princess, like im worth millions of pounds. I really so feel special and beautiful when im with him. Leo kicks constantly when Lee is around…he defiantly knows i love his daddy. 

I really cant wait for this to all be over, because one day in the next 17 weeks my little man will be in my arms, smiling and stinking the house out. Im totally ready for the day little Leo arrives, he’s perfectly welcome now, just as long as he dont give up on us. Leo’s chance of survival is bright, he’s still inside of me, and so far his growing rate has slowed down. I estimate he’ll arrive at roughty 29 weeks, maybe later…well im hoping. 

He’s so special, to me, to Lee, to my whole family. Im bringing a new life, a heartbeat and an extra set of feet into the world. Im so proud of myself! Pregnancy is hard, but i know for a fact motherhood and raising my baby boy is going to be much harder, and will last much longer. But i guess im willing to do it.