I’m a teen expecting my first baby in a few short weeks. I have been experiencing a few issues with my boyfriend and i don’t know if its a normal things that everyone goes through. i have felt my emotions going crazy as it is really easy for something to tip me off and start an encore of my crying and going on rants. i know most of the times when i feel myself getting out of control, but i feel i just cant stop myself and find away to calm down.

Recently i have been going through a rough patch with the father of my baby. We have been together for awhile now but i feel that he just doesn’t take things serious. I’m a very organised person or has to have everything it place before the event, and i feel he doesn’t quiet get how important it is to me to have that support of someone being able to ask me if i needed help with anything. i find myself doing everything either on my own or just seem to be doing all the tasks by myself. I have done all the washing for the baby and have set her room up by myself with know help or even a good job.

All my doctors appointments i have had i have been to by myself as he feels that it isn’t important to know how his baby is growing and what all the medical plans are for when i have this baby. It frustrates me when i ask him to come to an appointment and i get declined, like its not a priority for that day.

i have also been to a few classes to learn a few things about the birthing process and what the hospital ward is going to look like. I have had the support from my mother and my sister through those classes but i would of really like to experience at least one with the father of my baby. it is something that i would of like to tell my baby that we did together.

i just don’t know how to get my message across to my partner.