My OB Gyne doctor told me that Its hard for me to get pregnant the chances are very low,because my eggs cells don’t get matured they blast even they were immature cells still.And the lining of my uterus is very thin already..This fact makes me very sad but happy for a short time.After I gave birth with my first baby boy,I am very afraid to have another baby,knowing the fact that the father of my baby dont love me anymore and he just stick with me coz of our son.His family dont like me at all,likewise his sister used to nagged at me in front of many people.she always make me realized that I am never welcome in there house. It makes me feel down and depressed..My mother and family do not know my real situation in my boyfriends house..I kept it coz i dont want them to be hurt.Now,its been 2 months that i don’t menstruate yet..I had used Pregnancy Test thrice and the result is negative.I am confused If I am pregnant or not..though I dont have following symtoms:
nausea,breast soreness or enlargement,quesy and food cravings…excpet of my menstruation had been stopped for 2 months now..