My name is Stephanie. I am 20(21 Dec. 22nd) and I am the mother of two son, 3 and almost 2. I recently started feeling off, I am alway tired, I cry constantly, I can’t stop stuffing food in my mouth, my boobs hurt, and my period is MIA. I am facing my third unplanned pregnancy.

I am going to find out for sure tomorrow but I’m scared. I’m scared to know for sure either way… If I am that is 9 months of worrying about how my family of 4 is going to handle being a family of 5. Worrying how my boyfriend will feel. Worrying how our families will feel.

If I am not I am facing the disappointment after feeling all these “pregnancy symptoms” and getting all worried for nothing… It alway hurts (this is my 3rd scare since I had my second, my last I am sure was a miscarriage but I’ll never know.)