hi im 24 and have 2 wonderful children already.  i feel pregnant 9 months ago and choose to have it terminated, with very much regret, since then i have been very poorly with lots of blood loss lasting 3 weeks at a time and stopping for a week then starting again.  i attended many hospital appointments and had many tests but doctors found nothing, or so they said.  im now 6 weeks pregnant i think as my bleeding stopped so i tested and it was positive, however since finding out i have started been bleeding again.  i was sent once more for an ultrasound this week to try and find out what is causing this and work out when i concieved etc.  only to find out that i have to sacks in my uterus, but its not a twin pregnancy. there was a lot of whispering going on bewtween the doctors and all i was told was that in one sack there was a baby and a heartbeat and the other it was blood.  it seems this other sack has been inside me for a while and the doctors had missed it which has been making my poorly. this is why im so frightened, all i ve been told is im going to miscarry with in two weeks because my real pregnancy is in the wrong place.  but why did they miss this other sack, surely if it was a twin pregancy they would have said, but they didnt so they are clearly hiding something, plase help me i dont understand what is going on.