My name is Tiana and i found out i was pregnant a week ago, it is still trying to sink in.  i am not with the father i have not yet told him but im waiting for the best time to tell him.  I see my midwife on monday and i will find out how far along i am.  Are few family members and friends have suggested i get a abortion but im not strong enough to do so but has put it into thought as i have alot of goals in my life.  My parents are very supportive and my brothers and sisters, one of my sisters is due to have her baby in june and i dont no how she feels about my situation and how it will affect her and her baby as we all live with our parents.  I really need some advise on what to do.  I always put into consideration that maybe open adoption will be good but it is just too much to take in at this time.  I just need Help!!