Could I be pregnant even though I had my period and while on the birth control call the Nuva Ring. My finace' have been trying to get pregnant since July of 2008. Nothing yet, My period started on November 26, 2008 and it didn't come again until January 2, 2009, on January 3. 2009 we had sexual intercouse and on Christmas night. I starting using the Nuva Ring on the 5th. We had sex last week and he notice that my breast had a discharge. He asked me was I pregnant and I said not that I know of.  I went to the mirror in our bathroom and sure enough it was coming out of breast. I had notice that they were popping out of 36C bras that I wear, but that was one of the side effects of using the Nuva Ring. I just took it out on Friday and my breast continue to hurt and leak. I called my doctor to see what she wants me to do. So I have to take a blood HCG to confirm whether or not I am pregnant before I continue the birth control. I have been very moody, going to the bathroom a lot. Eating foods I don't normally eat after a certain hour. I crave cheese cake ice and those Sara Lee cheese cake bits. Let me know what you think, is it possible or just another hopeless thought.