Everyone knew by the end of the week. Our parents knew by the end of the night. A decission was made before the end of the weekend. I thought it was the right one. I had dreams to follow, plans for my future, events to attend. I fought with him on it because my parents convinced me it was the right thing.
He hated it. they knew it. I didn't even get time to research. not even a little bit. His parents told me to wait, to give it time. she They were convinced. Abortion was the way to go.
She said we would go Friday. She woke me up Tuesday, took my phone. He didn't know. It wasn\t fair.
I couldn't stand the car ride. I hated her for doing this. You were my baby not hers. I knew it was the wrong choice, but I couldn't stop it I was trapped. She took me in. I filled out the paper work.
The loneliness, the room, it is all a blur.
The nausea never stopped. It hurt so much, physically, emotionally. I hated the feeling.
He came to see me. cried with me. comforted me. he hated it but he loved me, he loved me.

I sit here now. Tired, filled with sorrow. the pain still fills me now. physically  & emotionally.
I now suffer from an iron deficency, and drawn out irregular menstraul cycles. I am to tired all the time to have any fun with my friends. He has to take care of me now. I have to rest more often, eat more regularily and take my pills.

Do you see what you did to me now? Do you see how I now have pain everyday? Do you see how your disregard for my feelings hurt? Do you see me?

I am sorry peanut. Daddy and I loved you from the very beginning. You were a product of pure love. We loved the idea and feeling of you. Daddy and i are sorry.
You will come back to us when God says it is your time. You will always be our little peanut. Mommy promises.

Love you forever peanut,

Mommy & Daddy