Hi im Erin i am 23 now but when i was 16 i got pregnant. It wasnt planned at all. Honestly i went on life like i wasnt pregnant. Never really told anyone till i was about 6months. I was a full time student as well as held down a job. My daughters father never was involved with her not even till this day and shes 6. So ive been doing it on my own ever since i found out i was pregnant. Its been hard really hard but hey who said life is easy. Just seeing a smile on my daughters face helps all the bad days go away. Last year is when life got really hard for me. I got pregnant again. I was so happy, my boyfriend at the time was happy. We had been together for a year at that time. Everything happened so fast one minute we was so happy then we just started arguing. During an arguemne he said he wanted nothing to do with the baby and it wasnt his. At the end i got an abrtion. That MISTAKE is still eating me up inside. He also feels the same way i do but its kinda to late now. I blame him for not being there when i needed him the most. I couldnt be a single mother to 2 kids i just couldnt. Now looking back that was just me being selfish. I made it work with 1 i could of done it with 2… I love my daughter more then anything. Being a teen mom ive had my obstacles. But so far ive overcome all of them and so can everyone else.