my name is Samantha i’m 15  and this is my blog called parents just don’t understand now a days. they think its better if they take your child and raise him, well i learned its not! at all! they convinced me it will all be the same nothing will change well if they say that, don’t believe them! they are lieing straight to your face! i was basically forced to sign over custody thinking oh well i’m still going to take of him, i’m going to feed him and love him and bath him and change him and burp him and play with him! hahahaha i was lied to! i haven’t done anything with him! my parents wont let me even touch! its like they are making him a punishment to me! i’m not allowed to see or play with him or anything! but we live in the same house so i’m told i’m being stupid by saying that we live together so they are not taking him away from me, well its true that they are wrong! i don’t have one reason why i shouldn’t fight for him! now i know i’m 15 but i’m still his mother and when you have your son tooken away from you that’s when its time fight back. my name is samantha and please message me back on here if you have any comments!

 i guess i feel a little better now, everyone is right, if you make a blog and stick with it, you’ll feel a little bit better. for now goodbye unless you message me. BYE-BYE.:)