So although my story isnt complete and things can seem some what hazy, life is as always stressful. After what happened with me my life has gone down hill. Before i knew exactly who i was and where i wanted to be, i had a path to follow and the steps and goals where thought out and precise. Now everything is unfamililar and im having great difficulty figureing out what i want from ‘my life’. I’m sure everyone has had the moment when things gone off track and a couple of hours analysing and having a conversation with yourself helps and puts everything back into perspective. Not me, my life was completely thrown, shook, turn up side down and then handed back to me, all in the space of the thirty seconds it took to take the pill. It is strange how one decision can completely change the route your life will take. The problem is i don’t know what the new route is. Everyone says stuff happens for a reason but the reason hasn’t yet to become apparent. Can anyone relate?