I found out that I was pregnant on feb 21st 2008. I had implantation bleeding the day before valentines. Which I mistook for my period coming but the bleeding only lasted a few hours. After a few days I started to feel nauseus alllll day. My breast were really tender. All of the pregnancy symptoms started popping up so I began to look online at symptoms and things like that and read about implantation bleeding and realized that must have been what my bleeding was. My boyfriend and I joked about it and talked about it a little and ended up buying a pregnancy test at a cheapo store. Not sure if we could trust the results but decided to see what they said anyways. So we bought a pack of two pregnancy tests and I ended up taking them that saturday. I had stayed at my boyfriends house and we woke up and no one else was home so we decided to just do the test and see what it said. So I peed in a cup and dropped my urine sample into the little sample bucket on the test and immediately color swept over the stick and faded away leaving TWO lines. I had dropped my pee into this stick and seven seconds later I became a mother. I looked at my boyfriend in complete shock. I just couldn't believe it was real. We decided to try the other test just beacuse they were $1.90 tests. Who knows if they work. So again I put my pee onto the stick and almost instantly- two lines. I stood there staring at the test and looked up at my boyfriend who honestly looked as freaked out as I felt. I was in shock. I don't know why because we had discussed having a baby and agreed that we would raise it if it happened and weren't using any form of birth control. But the reality of the fact that after 3 years of no protection I was actually pregnant was far more frightening than either of us had ever imagined. I was literally at a loss for words. I couldn't cry, I couldn't be scared, I couldn't be happy. I was just frozen. Trying to come up with a plan. Something I could wrap my head around to pull myself out of this trance. My boyfriend hugged me and told me it was going to be okay. We decided to go to the store and get the best most reliable pregnancy test we could find. I brought my cup of pee with me since we had to pick his brother up shortly. We went in and got one of the clear blue digital pregnancy tests and dropped on the "first pee of the morning" as directed and sure enough within 20 seconds the test read pregnant. I looked at my boyfriend and just burst into tears. He began to cry as well. I had said so many times I wanted a baby. We had talked about it so much. But having it right there. knowing it was happening was so unbelievably terrifying. It didn't help that my boyfriend began telling me about how he couldn't have a baby. he didn't want one. he wanted to be able to go out and be a kid and that he wanted to be able to buy the mudding truck he had his eye on. It made it that much scarier because not only was I scared of the responsibility but the father was completely against it. I felt betrayed. Even though I was panicking I wish he had of been there to calm me down. I had a baby growing inside me of course im going to be emotional and scared not because I didn't want it but because i was scared of how i was going to be a mother. And to have him who said so many times he could handle having a kid, break down and say so much about NOT wanting a baby made it that much worse. We colected ourselves and went and picked up his brother and brought him home. After that we went to our tons planned parenthood center. I had no idea what to do or where to start and I knew they'd have more of a plan than we did. So we went in they perfored a test just to triple check and explained to us the different options we had and gave us a lot of information and stuff so we had something to go over. After we lef