It was the beginning of our matric year and we were excited and carefree. Both deeply in love with the men of our dreams. Nothing could touch us. Or so we thought.

I was lying in bed with my boyfriend and decided to onto Mxit (a cellphone instant messaging service). When I saw my friend was unhappy I asked her what was wrong.

"I think I'm pregnant" came the reply

>My heart went out to her and the minute we got back to school I was by her side. Her being to scared to go to the doctor and me being the one who did Biology I explain as best I could the options and their pros and cons.  Until it came time to make the decision.

Her boyfriend wanted her to keep it. He said he'd marry her and they could be happy. But she felt too young to be mother and more then that she felt too ashamed to go home and tell her parents that their little girl was pregnant. So she did what she thought best, she went against her boyfriends wishes and terminated the pregnancy. 

Thats when both our lives came to a halt, well almost. When she woke up all she could do was cry…for days and day and days. Evenually she seemed to feel a bit better but the spirit of the girl she was before didn't gleam in her eyes anymore.  But I didn't expect it to, she'd just suffered two great losses. Her child and her boyfriend.

What did surprise me however was the way I felt. It was weird, I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that the tiny life that was inside her was no longer there. It was then that decided I was pro-life no matter what. And not long after she said the same.

 She still mentions the child sometimes, comments on how old they would be. I don't think she'll ever forget it.