I remember it so clearly like as if it were just yesterday, inside my bedroom, laying on my bed watching “The Stepfather” together.
You, ofcourse, was laying on your fav spot, near the wall. while me,
in your arms, cuddling and enjoying the moment. So happy we were.
I truly miss those days….now.
We pass by eachother like we’ve never met. like we had no clue. But how can you? Since i’m pregnant with your child. walking by me and act like we didn’t happened.
it hurts so much, to see you with another. and i can’t be.
because i’m pregnant. who would want to date a girl whose pregnant with someone elses
child? and after birth, who would want to be with a girl with someone elses child?
no guy. this isn’t the secret life of the american teenager,. there is no guy like Ben out there.
But one day, you’ll miss me. and when you see your baby for the first time, you’ll do whatever it takes to get back into my life.
one day, and on that one day; i’ll move on.