So i havent been on in a long time. Life has been crazy since everyone found out. So my mom ended up telling my dad for me. He said he didnt wanna talk to me for awile. Then him and his wife took me and my boyfriend out to dinner and talked to us about it. They want us to put the baby up for adoption but that just doesnt feel right to me. It makes me mad that they would be fine not knowing their grandchild . Oh ya and i am gonna keep my baby. But anyways they keep trying to push adoption on me and i keep telling them i'll think about it but I havnet told them what im going to do. But anyways i went in for my first appointment a few weeks ago and my mom and my boyfriend finally got the hear the heartbeat and it was so awesome. But i hated my doctor cuz like i had so many questions but she didnt have enough time to answer them so that really made me mad and i went home cryed in my jammies and ate ice cream. My next appointment and ultrasound to find out what it is was supposed to be on Valentines Day which would be soooo freakin cute but my stupid doctor is taking that day off so that made me all hormaonal and crazy again but my mom(who is my hero) called and got me a new doctor. Its a guy which makes me feel weird but thats ok cuz everyone thinks he is very nice and funny and personal so he will answer any questions no matter how busy he is. So i guess thats good. Buuuut me and Taylor(my boyfriend) are gonna get married on April 5th. So im excited about that. Oh and his dad is a complete jerk because he wants a DNA test for the baby when its born and he doesnt want us to get married or live together but to bad for him. Hes a jerk and he keeps calling us white trash and disgusting but I dont really care what he says. But anyways thats pretty much whats goin on now….I'll try to update soon…peace and love