I'm 20. I'm my cousins live-in nanny, i should have never taken the risk and slept with anyone knowing how hard it is to look like you're 16 and have people look down at you in the grocery store. but i did. and now, i have this wicked feeling I'm pregnant, i've been feeling sick and I'm a few days late. best part is, the possible baby&# 39;s father, my boyfriend(24), is moving out of the country in three weeks. we've already had a few conversations about abortion (we both do not agree with it), and he has flat out told me he was scared of me getting pregnant, that he couldn't afford a child right now, and neither can i. he would be gone a whole year, missing me being pregnant and the baby being born. i cant support myself, much less a baby! I'm in my second year at the local community college.  i dont have time for a real, money-paying job because i am always watching my cousins babies, a 2 1/2 yr old and a 9 mth old.  how would having a baby work right now? i have no idea how. the cheapest apartments over here are 600/mth , and i would still need baby gear, which i suppose craigslist would be a godsend but still, it's a lot when you dont even have a job to start out with. i dont think i could swing it, and i dont think i could live with either an abortion or giving the baby to a couple who couldn't have children, my bf and i are old enough to have known better than to trust birth control pills. I dont know what he, or his extremely baptist family, will say about this. his little brother is getting married in three weeks, he is leaving for a year, his parents are retiring this year, i'm living with family, my mom and close freinds dont even live in this state cuz i moved here to help my cousin out… what do i do? and what if it's TWINS??? i'm a twin! my mother is a twin! my grandfather was a twin, his mother had EIGHT sets of twins (greece, in the 1800's, she was married at 13 and dead at 26. wonder why.) 


oh, i dont even know where to begin to end this post. please, anyone with any advice on what to do if i am pregnant?