So, my doctor decided to be nice to me since I was just sneaking out of bed she decided it would do no harm to take the bed rest orders off. So I am off bed rest but on one condition. That I take it extremly easy. No stress, no stair climbing, no running, etc, etc. I swear that doctor gave me such a long lecture of what I can’t do I think there’s only a couple things I can do. Last night James and I went for a walk along the beach. Although it was chilly the sunset was amazing. I haven’t ever seen anything so beautiful.  Well except my ultrasound!! LOL!! Anyhow, we were on our way back to the truck and the baby started to kick. But it was like crazy kicks!! I actually had to sit in the sand while the child used me as a personal punching bag. I swear that kid is going to hurt me. He/she is just as strong at their daddy. Im not saying James has hit me!!! He has never ever hit me or hurt me in any way…Im just saying muscle wise James is strong.  He can still carry me even though Im six months pregnant!!!! Which I find miraculous!!!  Anyhow, I gotta go do some laundry. I have to do something rather than sitting online all day. Anyone got advice on how to keep swelled feet down? Or back pains away?? I still got alittle less than 3 months to go.