hi y'all…now that i decided to keep my baby, am now 19weeks pregnant, am happy about it but the problem is my friends who just dont understand that i kept it…they think i should have terminated it and that am too young (am 22yrs) and the responsibility is huge and i wont manage….can u imagine that from the closest people???? its really heartbreaking to know that none of them thinks the way i do as regards this matter. i know raising a child is no easy task but am determined to do the best for my child…my boyfriend is coming on friday and we shall talk more about our plans but in the mean time, being around such negativity is really not a good feeling. all this is worsened by the fact that a friend recently gave birth and is more or less doing it single handedly because she hd broken up with her boyfriend and so the baby was born but they are not together….she is having a hard time, earns minimum wage and still lives with the mum. they compare her to me. i feel really bad abt it. pliz advise…thanks