well here goes my twisted and somewhat romantic story. i'm 16 years old. a month and a half pregnant and the guy who fathered my child is over 3 hrs away. roughly 7 weeks ago i was at summer camp – SAT summer camp to be exact. while going to classes and attending study hall and bonding with my new friends I met this guy….we connected immediately. it was like i knew him my whole life – he was attractive, charming, intelligent (660 on his math section), and athletic. everything I was into; he was into as well. we bonded for the rest of the 2 weeks we were there. we were always together – it drove my camp friends wild. it was like we were in an exclusive relationship the way we argued and the way we loved. 2 times we got intimate, but on the last day of camp we exchanged necklaces with emotional attachment for each other to hold on to until we would meet again in life – of course tears were shed. since that last day of camp we talked everyday. 24/9. texting and calling and myspacing. we then decided to make it official – we wanted to try the long distance relationship. we knew we could make it work….we knew it was meant to be. 3 1/2 weeks after the last day of camp i decided to go to the local clinic because i wanted to see if well – i was YOU KNOW and well I was. surprise, surprise. i told my love and he was just as shocked as i was. we are trying to make this work – our parents arent happy, but they're glad we're being adult about it. i came to this site for support….its hard only seeing him once a week until the baby comes when he'll move in. but i need advice, love, and support. i found this site and knew i could get it from here.