I am new to this site and I just wanted to share my story about my pregnancy, delievery, and motherhood.
Me and my boyfriend have been together sense freshman sophmore year(I’m now 18), we loved each other so much that we chose to not use protection. Last in june I found out I was pregnant, and I was heart broken because my relationship with the father was really going down hill, but I knew I was going to keep the baby. we talked about what we were going to do because I lived so far away from him and my life at home wasn’t fit to raise a child in so we desided that it would be best if I moved in with him and his parents, keep in mind we are both the same age. Neither of us had a job and both of us were scared. My first part of my pregnancy went good, I didn’t get sick alot I was just tired. I ended up changing to a school were I went only four hours a day thay way I could go to doctors appointments when I needed. Around at 25 weeks I went to the doctor and the measured my belly and I was measuring 29 weeks(thats a HUGE difference) so my gut felling told me that things aren’t probably going to go right. I began keeping an eye on my blood pressure and each time I went in to the doctors it was higher then the time before, and my body began to swell( I gained 9 pounds in one week!) I was worried. Around my 32 week I got a cold that just would go away so I called the doctors office and they told me to come in, so I did. they did the usual weighing and blood pressure. Well when they did my blood pressure it was 160 over 101(this is very high) so they sent me to the bathroom to pee in a cup to test my urine for protien(this is done the a little stick, you just put it in the pee and it will turn a color) and I did have a good amount of protien in my urine. So they sent me over to the hospital for more test and monitoring. I was so afraid for my son, I kept thinking how could this be happening. hours later the doctor comes in and says that they want to give me a steriod shot to help the baby’s lungs mature faster if he does need to be born now, they also said that I had preeclampsia and that I was at a high risk of having a stroke or something like that. they told me that I needed to stay the hospital, my world was being flip upside down in a matter of a few hours, I was terrified! While I was in the hospital my boyfriend stayed with me, but he complained the whole time that he was bored, or that he was tired, and that I slept to much. So I didn’t have much support from him, I felt alone, scared, overwhelmed. I worried about my son, about how small he would be and if he would survive. I was admited to the hospital on dec. 30, 2009 and on Jan 2, 2010 the doctor came into my hospital room and told me that she didn’t like the what she saw on my blood work and that she wanted to start the inducing me, at that time I was alone my boyfriend had left hours earlier to go help his grandpa I was so afraid. They had my change into a ugly dress thing and they transfered me over to labor and delivery, one nurse tryed to get a iv in me but I was so swollen they couldn’t nor feel my vains very well so they had someone and numb my arm to the could dig for one thankfully he got it on the first try. they started me on this medicine which made me feel like my skin was on fire, it was to help my blood pressure. then my boyfriend had arrived, and told me sorry it it took so long I was busy, then he started complaining about how hungry he was, needless to say I was pissed! Then they had someone from the nicu come in and talk with me about how  small my baby was going to be and that he probably will have a hard time eating and all this other stuff, I couldn’t help but to feel like this was all my fault.