Hey everyone. I'm a 21 year old single mom of an awesome two and half year old little boy. Since i had him i've had some rough times which i ended up having not one but two abortions since i had him. At the time i had each of them i thought i was doing the right thing considering the situations i was in and how everyone around me like the guy kept telling me it was the right thing to do. yet when im alone sometimes i start thinking or i see my sons baby pictures and i think to myself how i could have two other amazing kids running around. but i keep my head high and keep doing what i am, not letting my past decisions keep me down. i have recently found out that im pregnant again, only four weeks along actually, and the father asked me to do whats best and not have the child. i mean i gave it some thought but i know that i cant put myself thru that again. ill never forget the past two and do not want feel the emptiness inside again. cause its not a form of birth control like some guys think it nothing. well to them maybe not, but they dont feel that empty feeling inside after its done. anyways i guess i just wanted to share with everyone that i was pregnant again! and due around mid march. i have read many stories and such from this site in the past few years and everyones stories have really helped me along the way.