well a lot has happened lately :/ a while back i was pregnant with my fiance’s baby but he was in isreal and he was not supporting me at all and was abusive so i broke up with him and aborted my baby. I dated many guys but i never had sex with anyone again until i met my boyfriend Travis. We have been dating for about three weeks now and we decided to have sex last night… well unknowingly the condom happened to slip off and we didnt realize it until after now i am afraid i may be pregnant once again. Travis is a really sweet guy and i love him and i can’t picture him abandoning me but he is veryyyy scared and so am i. I also have came to the realization a few weeks ago that aborting my first baby was a mistake and i am now regreting it so i am definately keeping this one… IF i’m even pregnant! Life is scary and i hope i dont have to go through this at 17 but no matter what i will deal with this and think positive 🙂