Let me start by saying, the doctor told me I couldn't get pregnant. I was hurt, so was my fiance. We didn't try to get pregnant, we decided we would in a few years. Three months after my doctor told me I couldn't get pregnant I started getting signs, I ignored them but my fiance and friends didn't. Everyone kept telling me I needed to take a test because I was having mood swings , gained a little weight in my lower stomach, and getting sick. I didn't have a period because of the fact that I 'wasn't' supposed to be able to have children. I hadn't had a period for over six months. So not having my period was normal for me.

Finally after being told over and over again to take a test I did at about two in the morning. In just a few seconds it said "pregnant" I dropped to the floor and started crying. I never thought I would get pregnant. I had so many emotions. I was scared, mad, upset, and happy. Finding out I was pregnant was scary for me. I was scared to tell my mother, but I knew I had too.

When I was at my friends getting ready to go tell my mom I got a text from my little brother telling me that one of my close friends had died in a car wreck. On top of having to tell my mother, I had to deal with the loss of my close friend. I couldn't stop crying for over two hours. Finally I went to my mothers to tell her and my dad. I told my mom and she seemed upset but okay with it. But I was to scared to tell my dad so she did, he didn't seem mad at all.

The next day I went to a clinic to see how far along I was. I looked at the screen as I saw the baby in me. I was over four weeks, and I had a baby inside of me, my baby. They told me about my options. Abortion was completely out, and adoption was something I went through so I couldn't put my child through it. So my fiance and I said we're keeping it for sure. We was both very excited, and couldn't wait to meet out little one. My mom was even excited.

I am four and a half months pregnant today, and get to find out what I am having in a little over two weeks. My fiance and I are getting married in a few months. I had to quit going to public schools becaue my life, and my babys life was being threatened. It's hard for me, I stay sick all the time. But everything I am going through will all be worth while in the end. I love my life, my fiance and our baby.