hi im 19yrs old have been with my bf for3yrs i stopped taking the pill at the start of august because i was on medication and i had unprotect sex on the day i stopped taking it. Its been like 2 or nearly 3 missed periods and nothing i have been waiting for my period to come so i can go back on the pill. i took a pregnancy test on monday 27th negative so surely by now if i was pregnant i would have produced enough hormones to show a positive on a test? i have had quite bad cramps in my sides and feel like i am going to start my peroid but nothing (that is my only symptom other then aching breasts evey now and than but thats normal for when im going my period). what should i do i dont think im pregnant but i want to no should i just start taking the pill again hoping it will bring on my period? any advice would be much appreciated thanks.