sometimes asking the why question is  not the solution it has never been a sister is the only one who knws about my pregnancy so far,guess what she said?well she said i must do an abortion before it even shows.i cant,not now especially since my knws about the baby……i am not denying that the pregnancy came as shocking news .i am not able to tell my mom as she cares a lot about her image as school principal and my dad is a very strict,respected man in the do i go on my second month of pregnancy and i try by all means to hide it as no one notices.i believe that i am old enough though to be taking my own decision.the first thing that came to my mind after hearing that i was pregnant,was how will my fathers congretion act.i did think about my boyfriend but he never crossed my mind a lot as my fathers church,my work mates and my mothers students.i have really dissappointed my family but still i dont think of having an abortion…..