Well were do i start. Im 14 years old not even in high school yet and im going to be a mommy. I once heard a saying that goes its easy to be parents but heard to be a mommy and daddy. Well in this case there will be no daddy in the picture. I thought i was a smart girl and i thought like most girls. IT wouldn’t happen to me. Well it ended up im having a baby. Im a month and a couple weeks going to two months now. Im not showing all that much and i still haven’t told my parents. I told my baby daddy and he told me to eaiter get an abortion or to have nothing to do with him. I choice my baby over him. I can’t stand the thought of me killing my own baby and knowing that the baby waz going to live. A couple of my friends told me to do an abortion too but i told them that to support me or to just get lost cuz im not letting my baby go. For me its going to be hard to change but i have to do it for my baby.