So I have good news and that is my cousin decided to keep her baby after all…the babyfather bailed (who'da thought it!?) But she is being a Stand-up Girl and deciding that she is not goign to sacrafice the life of her baby for guy that aren't there to truely love and care for her. Three cheers!…

Hopefully she won't change her mind…i doubt she will…good.

As for me I have a new found optimism. And I'm so happy. It feels amazing and I can't help but wear a big grin on my face. I am in love with the most wonderful, amazing, loving, caring, affectionate, thoughtful (and the list goes on and on) man in the world. I feel so blessed and so lucky and I know that God has His hands at work in our lives…:D

When I first came to this site I was so down and depressed about the fact I had not concieved yet and my longing for a baby had taken me over in a cloud of sadness, feelings of inadequecy and yearning (with a little added bit of jelousy for those who have concieved/have a baby on top :dry: ) I couldn't see past what I wanted and how I pictured everything to be and the want to feel it right now at this moment. But God showed me something and now I'm so much more at ease…I still want a baby and I know it will happen very soon but I'm no longer getting upset or depressed at the thought of it happening in a couple months from now.I've decided that in each new year we will embark on something new. This year our baby. Next year buying our house together and then the year after getting married. God has shown me that he will bless us in time and that his way is so much btter than the confused picture that held a little bit of dread.So this New Year I have three resolutions…Love God, Love my Husband, Make our baby. Simple…uncomplicated…prepared for…and Blessed

Step by step by step by step and with God's blessing and guidance…we'll get there… :]