I haven't been on here in soo long; so I'm going to update everybody on what's been going on. The last time I was here I was engaged to a great guy.. we were together for 3 years and planning on getting married next year; but things don't always go as planned. We ended up breaking up; he begged and begged for me to get back with him but it was too late.. I fell in love with another guy. All of this might make me sound selfish.. but trust me.. I didn't mean for it to happen like this. About a month after we broke up he had a girl on the back of his motorcycle; I guess he was showing off because all I know is he was speeding wayy too fast around a corner and the girl leaned the wrong way causing them to crash into a utility pole. He unfortunately didn't make it, but she did. His 20th birthday just passed last week and it was sooo hard; my friend and I took balloons to where it happened, wrote messages to him on them, and let them go. That's all I could think of to do; nothing will bring him back and it breaks my heart to think that. The only things I can be grateful of is we were eachothers first love and we made up and had a good day together the day before it all happened; his last day here.

Now I have a new boyfriend; I have since about 2 weeks before Eddie died. He is very very supportive and soo good to me; I love him so much. Of course I will always have a place for Eddie in my heart and nothing will take that away, but now I have this guy too. I just found out that I'm pregnant, he is very happy about that, so am I. I'm 20 and he's 19, almost 20. Now I just need to figure out how to tell my mom. Hopefully she won't kill me. Oh yeah, and may I add that I haven't lived at home since I was 17 and have had the same job for almost 3 years now, so I would say I'm pretty responsible..lol. But now the real test has begun; hopefully I'll pass.