Ok basically i want to know how soon after you have unprotected sex can you take a pregnancy test? My period already came on for the month of April. I recently stopped using my birth control, i was on the patch. Me and my boyfriend are trying to conceive. I took my patch off on April 24th and haven't had one on since then. Me and my boyfriend have been having sex since then with the exception of April 29tha nd 30th due to me having irregular bleeding because i'm not on the patch anymore. I was told i should take a pregnancy test on Monday 5/5, but i want to know isn't that to soon to be able to tell if i'm pregnant? I've been experiencing pregnancy symptoms as well. My stomach feels crampy, i feel dizzy like i'm going to pass out, having morning sickness, mood swings, can't sleep at night really restless. My boyfriend swears i'm pregnant but i don't want to get my hopes up just to be disappointed. If anyone can give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.