Well Im 25, me and my boyfriend is almost 8months together, he was my long lost love and we got back together.  but know the other issue is that, he has a son with another girl and this girl is giving him a hard time, she doesnt want him to see his child, so he is still fiting in court for his son.  So in the mean time I did get pregnant with his child and he didnt wanted the child so I took an abortion because he was very mad, I also had 4 other abortions before this one.  So I am a little touchy about babies and everyone getting married and is pregnant, I also want this but he is always fighting with me about everything, making of food, im doing everything wrong.  He also in the same time say he loves me and he wants to marry me and have a child, but then again he says he and his sons stuff is not sorted out yet, “and that can take 2 to 3 years”.  Now the new problem is I think Im pregnant again, and I dont want to go thru another abortion and I already have depression.  And Im so scared to talk to him about it Im afraid his going to fite with me again. I am on birthcontrol pills but something not normal and it feels like I could be pregnant.

I dont know what to do and to who I can talk to, Im already so afraid of him Im even scared im going to do something wrong so I try to do everything correct the way he wants it, but always he still fites with me about something else that I did wrong.  Please could you help me with answers.  I cant really talk to anyone because if he finds out im scared he will fite with me because Im making our problem other peoples problem. Please Help