Now I know I have a baby girl, my boyfriend and I gave her a name Sheina (means beautiful) Lauren (my boyfriend named Laurence so its Lauren for our baby girl).

1 week to go so ill be in my third trimester and my baby is moving, playing, thumb sucking, trying to walk, crying based on my research. and shes really moving so hard each days. I need to stop whatever im doing so I can talk to my baby for a while.

walking and going to church every morning is helping me a lot to ease some pain and to be positive in every little thing happening in my life and to think positive right now. MORE closer to God this time so I can make my life better with his guidance. praying for all the blessings and new life he gave to me and to my baby Sheina Lauren, asking that hopefully I can go to US with my situation and I know baby Sheina Laure is my luck charm 🙂

I know I ca pass through all the challenges in my life with all the guidance and support of God and my Family.

all im feeling is happiness and excitement with my baby Sheina Lauren.

expected due date is August 8, 2010. 🙂 yyyeee!