Being pregnant with twins is kinda crazy.I'm only 13 weeks(14 friday) but it's already like WOW!! I'm pregnant with faternal twins.When i first found out I didn't belive it,i thought the doc was crazy!!Now I'm scared and happy and I don't know,I just have all these different emotions about it.My fianc'ee and I have been having alot of trouble with our relationship so another baby let alone 2 more babies was the LAST thing on our minds.But now that it's here,we have to deal.Sice we have found out we have seen more sets of twins just walking somewhere then we have ever seen in our lives.I guess all in all I'm really scared because I'll have 2 poopies to change not one.Extra Extra diapers,formula,clothing,Just double the trouble.So I guess what I'm looking for is anyone who has had twins to get some advice from on how to get past the fear and get to the excitement.Thanks for reading everyone!!!