so here goes nothing… name is megan and i am 17 years old i will be 18 jan. 5 2008! i recently had a beautiful baby boy who amazes me everyday at the things he can do at only 4 months old! it all started back on oct. 14 2006 i was 16 an i thought i had met an amazing guy who was 18 at the time. i took him to my homecoming and on Oct. 14 2006 my son was conceved. and i was only 16! i told ma family rite away and my dad wouldnt talk to me for the longest time n at first tried to ground me like it was all going to go away! my mom n step mom were understanding n supported me n wut ever decision i made. i sat down with daryle (baby's daddy) and we talked of all our options and we both agreed we laid down n made the mistake so now we r  going to take responsiblity for our actions n so we did we decided no matter wut anyone says we would keep our baby. i found out i was having a boy when i was 4 1/2 to 5 months prego and oh boy! was my dad and daryle were so excited! they started going on n on about wut he was going to be when he gets older n he wasnt even here yet! well dont u kno it i was due 7/7/07 but my lil booger was ready to meet the world n the world to meet him he came 2 wks early on june 21 2007! i didnt it all by myself. i had no medicine no nothing all i had was the support on my grandma Ginny my lil sister samantha n my step mom missy….and at 2:15 am my lil man came out with 2 pushes and my grandmother cut his the cord! daryle was out of town n my grandma didnt know how to use a cell fone so she was trying to call him n my mom while i was laboring! i only labored for 1hr and 45 mins! it was the worst pain ever but man was it worth it! daryle n ma mom got there after i had him! and as  soon as daryle seen him he cried it was the most amazing thing ever! i didnt get no pain meds till afterwards n im glad i didnt cause i would have been tired afterwards. i mean i was tired but i wasnt all druged out n tired! this was a life changing experience for me! for the 1st few weeks it didnt even feel like he was mine but he was! i wake up every moring at 5:30 to get ma lil booger ready and then my dad takes him to my grandmothers who watches him while i go to school then i go home n get my lil booger and no matter how bad of a day ive had when he smiles at me i cant help but to smile back and laugh! my lil boogers name is HAYDEN JOHN FOXX LABOMBARD!