i found out i was pregnant at 18 and although my parents were not angry, them and my boyfriend at the time said they wud like me get an abortion because i hadnt finished my education. i know i should hav listened to my heart telling me not to, i went ahead and did it. it also got out in school wat i had done and got called baby killer, murderer to name just a few…. i wish people wud not be so judgemental about girls in our situation because until you are in that position you dont know what to do. and there hasnt been a day gone by that i dont think about what i done. my heart was and still is, broken. the only positive thing was that i found out about 2 months later that my "boyfriend" at the time had another girl pregnant when he was cheating on me and thats why he had convinced me to get the abortion.. although he was saving his own bak (not having 2 pay for 2 children) he broke my heart when i found out after everything i went thru. maybe what id done was ment to be… NOW, im with my new boyfriend for a year and a half and am having a baby on the first of july!! and allthough it still eats me what i did almost 3 years ago i cant wait to have my litlle baby.. And my parents are so supportive now because even though this wasnt a planned pregnancy i think they realise wat happend before killed me inside and this might be the only way 2 ease my pain!! but i like to think of it this way now, if i hadnt done what id done i wouldnt hav got my degree, wouldnt hav met my amazing boyfriend (who cant wait for baby!!) and i certainly wouldnt be as happy as i am now… so girls there is a reason for everything we do. if it means making the decision i hav made in the past, just remember everthing happens for the right reason!! 🙂