hey my name is jennifer im 17 years old…september 1st i was suppose to have my period me and my fiance had unprotected sex the same day and later on that night probably 12am or later i had got my period…on september 22nd me and my fiance went to the clinic for a pregnancy test it came back that i wasnt his mother knew all about it me taking off of school to go and everything but my mom didnt know nothing she knew that he was my 1st and she knew that we were having sex and she wanted to put me on birth control so she had me make an appointment so i did and on october 8th i went to the appointment and they had to give me another pregnancy test b4 putting me on birth control so the lady called me back into the room i went back there and sat down and she pulls out a slip that said i was pregnant i was speechless i didnt know what to say she told me that i look scared and i was a little me and my fiance wanted a baby but it hit me all so fast…she told me i was between 5 & 6 weeks pregnant and i was set to go so i walked out into the waiting room and took the folder and handed it to the lady at the front desk and look at my fiance he told me that i look depressed i didnt say one word i handed him the paper that said i was pregnant and he goes what r you trying to tell me i go read it he goes ur pregnant!!! i said yea he gave me a long hug and was filled of smiles and tears in his eyes he was soo happy we both couldnt believe it we went and told his mother step father and brother the news his mom hugged me and said dont be worried everything will be ok i was wondering how i was going to tell my mom i went in 4 birth control and came out pregnant so we lefted there and went to my mothers house and we all pulled up at the same time she goes how did it go i was hiding behind my fiance and she goes what? my fiance said u might want to sit down for this one he asked her if she wanted a drink first and so after that he goes shes pregnant my mom didnt know what to say next at first she wasnt mad at all she started telling me i have to eat right for the baby and cant stress this and that so we went on with our day later that night we went to my brothers work for his lunch we told him he was all smiles he was happy to become a uncle then my fiance called his dad and told him he wasnt that happy i told my father he said that he wasnt ready to be a papa yet but he goes imma get ready now…it made me happy that everybody was taken it really well…my mother called my granny and told her she goes thank you god you made my prayer come true my mom goes what? my granny was dying of cancer and wanted to see her first grandbaby b4 she past and at that point i wanted this baby more than anything in this world i was soo happy after that at 4 months my mother kicked me out and told me to move in with my fiance and i did during that 4 months it was soo hard i really thought i was going to lose my baby because my mother put so much stress on me it wasnt good at all…im still in school with straight A's and with perfected adendence and ill be graduating may 29th 2009…my baby boy is due june 17th…my granny didnt make it to see her grandson she past away march 7th the cancer ate her body up i was 6 months pregnant she got to see him in ultrasounds and knew it was a boy but shes going to see her grandson from heaven a much better place…my baby boy has became our world and i wouldnt go back and change nothing that me and my fiance did that night…hes the best gifted ive ever got from anybody…i cant wait to hold him in my arms and hear that first cry…i love you lilmanz…thats my pregnancy story…i would love comments…tell me what you think…love/jenn