I was 15 years old and so much in love me and my bf had ben dating close to 8 months and it seemed so perfect until i told him i mite be pregnant all he could say was you better get rid of it and make it go away i was so hurt. Around that same time my parents were lookin to relocate and i didnt dare breathe a word of this to them ….i was lost and confused and hurt all at the same time. My bf gave me a single pill and told me to take it that it would take care of our problems…i took i that fri and nothing happened i didnt know what to think and then that saturday we had finished moving all our stuff and sunday we went to church..after church sunday i was cramping so bad it felt like sumone was stabbing a knife into my stomach…i went to the bathroom and i was bleeding so bad like i had never bled in my life…i just broke down i could feel the life draining from my body…it was over….i told my bf and he said good you took care of it and he was happy while i was standin there with tears running down my face…needless to say we broke up but to this day i live with that pain….