I am 17 years old and just graduated from High School.  It was hard work graduating, I did 17 credits out of the 100 needed in only 2 weeks time.  Some people said I couldn't do it, but I proved them wrong!  I walked the stage on June 21.  I found out I was pregnant only 2 days later.  I didn't know what was happening.  I took a total of about 6 tests and my boyfriend thought I was crazy because I just didn't believe the positive result.  I was on birth control and I never thought anything like this would happen to me.  It started out faint and then it got darker as the days went on.  I took a digital test for my last test and the word Pregnant came up on the screen.  Even though it was my 6th pregnancy test I was in complete shock.  I didn't know what to think or what to do. 

It briefly crossed my mind that I should just get an abortion and get on with my life.  After all I had plans on going to Australia and becomming a nurse, how was I supposed to do so with a child?  Then I realized, I'm being so selfish for wanting to kill an innocent child just because it's not convenient for me to have it.  It didn't take long for me to decide that I was going to keep my baby no matter what happened.  My boyfriend was very supportive through all of this and I am very happy about that.  He was unsure about it at first but said he would stand by my side no matter what.

I didn't actually have to tell my mom, she asked me before I even got the chance.  She was going away on vacation and I wanted to tell her after she had gotten back, but she noticed I wasn't as moody as I should have been on my period and ended up asking me.  I had no choice but to tell her and I was quite amazed at her response.  She was a little disappointed but she was very supportive and told me she would be there for me 100%.

My boyfriend told his mom, she was very shocked (I don't even think she thought we were having sex).  She came over and hugged me and I was glad that she was supportive too.  His dad was more angry at the fact that we had so many plans that we would have to cancel or change, but he is fine now and is dealing with it in his own way.

I am 16 weeks pregnant now and things are going well.  I haven't had any sickness, which is fine by me!  I go in on October 10th (just under 3 weeks) for an ultrasound where we will hopefully learn the sex of the baby that we have temporarily named George, which is a sort of family tradition. 

I will either be going to school to become a nurse or an ultrasound technician next year.  However we will not be going to Australia, maybe when we are older.  I am very excited about this pregnancy and every milestone is amazing.  I cannot believe that I even thought about aborting this child.  As I look forward to feeling movements, finding out if it's a girl or a boy, naming, and all the other fun aspects of pregnancy I always remember that this pregnancy is a gift and a blessing of some sort.  My boyfriend and I have already fell in love with this child!