My story i am a 17 year old mum i have a beautiful girl who is 19 weeks old today i am not with her father he is in her life but we have never been together it was a one night stand he never realli bothered with me well i was pregnant as he was to scared so he seys but at the end o it i went threw it all on my own yh i had my family but it int the same even tho i have no feelings or him it wasnt very fair i didnt see him 4 the last 20 weeks of my pregnancy i think all together well i was pergnant i seen him 15 tyms that was once a week at the begining as he has a flat n me n my mates use to go round then he turned up at the hospital once id given birth he did want to b there but i dint let him as he had no ryt he hadnt bin there for me now he expects to see his daughta all the tym n me bein me lets him but now ive had enuf i stopped him seein her 4 a week cz he dusnt give me muney for her but he tans drugs wich in my eyes is rong he now has promised me he will change he is seein her today as i write this but if he dusnt then he is going to loose her people myt think im being harsh but im sik of him treating me lyk a dik were not even together.My Labour- well i was in established labour for 6 n alf hours but i had bin gettin pains rom 1-2 in the morning and had her at 4.32 in the aternoon i had 20 stitches she weighed 7lb 5oz ater them seyin she were gna b small she grew a lot lolz bein a mum is the best thing evah that little girl is my everythink i dont no were i wud b with out her for you girls thinking bout abortions cz u cnt cope u can ive done it on my own and ppl comment on how well ive done you can do nething if you try having a child at a young age isnt clever but for us who dont mean to get pregnant and do all i can sey for ppl who sey out bout us is we faced up to a responsibilties its obv wat was intended for us as everythink happens or a reason well thats all i wanted to sey well done to all you teenage mums out there who are trying there best to b a gd mum ignore the comments n the dirty looks thy dont no how hard it is bein young with a child were trying are hardest thts all tht matters x